Copyright protection extends to original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression in the following categories:

  • literary works;
  • musical works, including any accompanying words;
  • dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
  • pantomimes and choreographic works;
  • pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;
  • motion pictures and other audiovisual works;
  • sound recordings; and
  • architectural works.

Copyright protection also extends to compilations and derivative works of the categories above.  A good example of a compilation is as follows: a photographer takes a number of pictures of given subject of interest and obtains copyright registration for each picture.  The photographer then creates a coffee table book using those same pictures.  Not only do the pictures themselves have copyright protection, but the coffee table book is eligible for copyright protection as well.

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Copyright protection can be obtained by filing an application for copyright with the United States Copyright office.   The application must meet specific requirements as set forth by law and particular to the type copyright work protection sought.  Ganter Law can help you register your copyright!


The general rule of copyright law is that  the rights in an original work of authorship reside in the author.   However, the law recognizes particular relationships where the copyright will reside with a person other than the authro.  These issues come in to play when a business either employs or contracts with another to author a work for the business’s needs.   Call Ganter Law today to learn how you can protect your rights in works for hire.


Copyrights can be transferred or assigned to different owners.  One very common example of assignment is when a business hires a graphic artist to create logos and other visual content.  Because this type of work may not fall under the work for hire categories, a business should make sure that they are the owners of the copyright in the logo or graphic content by requiring assignment of the copyright.


Ganter Law can help you with any copyright licensing needs you have.  A copyrighted work may be licensed to another exclusively or non-exclusively.  Further, ownership of a copyright contains various exclusive rights of the copyright that are divisible.  Licensing agreements are the primary tool whereby a copyright owner, or one who wants to obtain permission to use a copyright, can specify what use is allowed and at what price.


Copyright infringement occurs when anyone violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner.  To combat copyright infringement, a copyright owner may bring an action for damages and injunctive relief in the appropriate U.S. Federal District Court.


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