Trade Secret


A trade secret is proprietary economically valuable information used in a business that is not publicly known.  Examples of items that are protectable trade secrets are as follows:

  • Formula
  • Pattern
  • Compilations (e.g., customer lists and other unique compilations of valuable information)
  • Computer software
  • Drawing
  • Device
  • Method
  • Technique
  • Process

The examples above can be protected under trade secret law if they are kept confidential.  Trade secret protection does not extend to the trade secret itself as a patent would.  Trade secret protection is derived from those steps used to keep the trade secret a secret.  Namely, protection extends from breach of contract, a confidential relationship and/or a fiduciary duty.  There also exists protection of trade secrets from unfair and unlawful practices such as theft, trespass or misrepresentation.

A Trade Secret is as powerful as the efforts and diligence employed to keep it a secret.  Various means and methods of protection have been recognized by the Courts as reasonable under a given set of circumstances.    Trade Secret protection is available for as long as it is kept secret.

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